Mitigation Services

We are dedicated to taking care of our customers and are proud of our commitment to building trust and understanding. Our staff is trained to restore your property to its best condition.

Basement Flood Cleanup

Heavy rains, poor drainage, a malfunctioning sump pump, or a combination of multiple causes can all lead to a flooded basement. Our professionals who have experienced with water damage can drain the water from your basement and set up the necessary drying equipment while keeping an eye on the treatment process.

Basement Water Extraction

When our valued customers need us the most, Mainline Drains provides emergency, water mitigation, and removal services that are professional and unmatched. Any type of water removal or mitigation is absolutely necessary because water damage can occur without warning. Our technicians will start drying out your house or place of business as soon as possible. We are available every day of the year to help provide you with water removal or mitigation using the most advanced technologies in the emergency.

Drying and Dehumidifying

When it comes to drying out your property, time is of the essence. It will be more challenging to restore your items to their pre-damage state the longer your property is wet and the damage may become more extensive. With the help of dehumidifiers and high-velocity air movers, Mainline Drains offers professional drying and dehumidification services to remove moisture from your property. With so much at stake, we’ll make sure your life returns to normal as soon as possible.

Flood Water Removal

Flooding and other water damage can occur suddenly, causing extensive damage to your home. The extra water can damage structures and pose a health risk if it is not dealt with. You must take immediate action in order to save money and worry. We identify the root cause of flooding and address it using cutting-edge technology and non-intrusive techniques. We have extensive knowledge and experience evaluating water damage and developing tailored solutions, unlike other technicians. Our highly trained professionals arrive on time, prepared, and get the job done quickly.

Odor Abatement

It can be difficult to deal with when you discover that your house is being invaded by a strong lingering odor like smoke, pet, sewage stench or many other reasons. Whether they come directly from the inside or the outside, our knowledgeable staff is trained to identify and get rid of offensive odors. Instead of just covering up odors, we will address the root of the issue using expert odor removal techniques.

Mold Remediation

It’s critical to take prompt action to eliminate mold from your home or place of business before it can spread and cause additional property damage. Professional removal and remediation plan is needed for mold removal and remediation since it involves much more than just wiping away the obvious signs of the problem. We at Mainline Drains are expert at removing mold from properties. We can eliminate dangerous and harmful mold growth from your property and assist in getting spore count levels back to normal due to our years of experience and the best mold removal teams in the business.